2017 Updates from HK volunteer Janny Law in Malawi


October 1: It's time to report briefly about my work here in Malawi.

At the moment I am supporting medical treatment for the villagers who have chronic disease at Thavite. For those who are referred by the clinic to the district hospital (50 km away) but fail to pay the transport, I either drive them there or assist the fees to make sure they could receive the medical service without delay.

Andiuza Chigule, 47, is one of my clients.  He suffers Cirrhosis for many years and vomited blood 3 times suddenly on 17 Sept 2017 evening.  His blood pressure was too low to walk for assistance.  I took the doctor from the clinic to visit him at his house the next day.  He was suggested have immediate treatment at the clinic first and go to the district hospital for blood transfusion.

The blood bank  was empty as usual.  People in Malawi usually bring their relatives for transfusion, but, Andiuza did not have any. Fortunately my blood matched him, however, he needed more according to the doctor's observation.  I asked for donation from the village.  Six people came, but no one was accepted due to Malaria or other illnesses.  Then, I talked to the hospital in charge and explained to him of our difficulties.  He promised to prioritise Andiuza on the emergency list.  Finally he got the second blood and had been discharged on 29 Sept 2017.

For the nursery I supported last year, the first graduates took their final reports for interview on 17 Sept 2017.  The primary head teacher was impressed by their performance and all of them got the offer.  According to him, it was the first time to see nursery showing reports in interview.  The school is the third top primary school in Malawi.  Parents were so happy and all the kids were given a pair of shoes on the last day of school. Thanks to Tony and Mag of the church.


April 5: (with photos, below)

I keep on visiting Dominic these days at the hospital, as well as the Thavite lady who has done a surgery there. Both of them are recovering.  Hopefully both of them will be discharged next week.
A public health education program has been started in several villages located in Thavite, which is 50 km away from Salima.  
Nursery teachers are trained to use nail clippers, to teach the kids to wash hands and brush their teeth. Believe or not, most of the teachers don't know how to use nail clippers and how to protect teeth.  All these topics will be integrated into their nursery education program which I am drafting at the moment.
For the community, those trained teachers are encouraged to serve the elderly by using the nail clippers given. Blankets have been donated to some old folks who stay alone with no support. A number of chronic disease patients who have been identified now can enjoy free medical treatment at Thavite Health Centre.
I just found a house in Thavite with electricity. Will spend more time there once I move in.